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Lulu and APR team,
Thanks for the great customer service.  I appreciate your teams hard work on my vehicle.

John Losey

Thank you all at APR so much I am really greatful for the help provided so far, I am pretty far away here in Puerto Rico and depend on my vehicle as I am a the sole captain on a charter boat down here. Lonnie was extremely helpful (it's not easy trying to diagnose something over the phone without looking at it) but myself my mechanic and you guys all seem to think its the valve seals. That being said please let me know how to proceed in submitting the appropriate receipts for parts and repair. We are trying to get to work on this ASAP as our winter season is about to go into full tilt. Thanks once again and will keep you guys updated along the way


Thanks Lulu  you're a star

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Please see below my review I wrote on GOOGLE REVIEWS for your company regarding my replacement engine for my 2001 Toyota Tacoma Truck which I ordered from you back in October 2011.
Thanks again!!
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ROY JOSLINreviewed in the last week
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I purchased a new / rebuilt engine for my 2001 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 with a V-6 automatic back in October 2011 from APR Auto Care ( after my original stock engine snapped a push rod and totally seized up on me. I found APR ( by doing a Google Search as I had also found numerous other new and rebuilt engine suppliers for my Toyota. I read all the reviews for all these companies and after conferring with my mechanic I decided to take a chance with APR. The engine was at an unbelievable price as well as an unbelievable shipping cost and came with a great warranty. The engine arrived extremely quick (shipped the same day as purchased) and in perfect condition and safely secured on a pallet. My mechanic advised me everything correctly lined up once the engine was installed and it was just as clean as a brand new engine. My mechanic was extremely surprised to see the engine fully cranked up at the first try and stayed running without any needed major adjustments and no smoke coming from the exhaust. I took a while to write this review because I wanted to drive my truck with this new / rebuilt engine to see how well it was performing. I can honestly say this engine seems way better than my original engine when I first purchased my truck (purchased brand new) as my original always had a ticking noise coming from it and I was told by the dealership this was common in Toyota truck engines and is known as the "Toyota Tick". There is no ticking noise in this new / rebuilt engine and it has performed flawlessly to date (June 05, 2012). I would not hesitate to purchase another engine from A.P.R. for another vehicle nor would I hesitate to recommend A.P.R. for anyone looking / needing a replacement engine for their vehicle. Also, the entire staff I dealt with (via telephone and internet) were more than pleasant and answered all af my questions prior to and after the purchase of my engine. Thank you A.P.R. ( for a wonderful engine and great customer service. ROY JOSLIN III from PARRISH, FLORIDA

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Very Impressive:

I bought anad installed a rebuilt 22R engine from APR in Colorado Springs and I spun a bearing on the drive shaft which was completely my fault. For an addition cost of ~$400 they replaced my engine with another rebuilt engine. I don't know of any other company that would do that when it was obviously my fault. I have and will continue to recommend APR to anyone looking for a Toyota engine. Additionally, Lu Lu, who runs the front office is exceptionally helpfull in resoving any issues you might have, and very cute to boot.

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I was a business owner for several years. Most of the time you only hear the complants, although mine were few. I have always appreciated good work and especially appreciate talking with you. I felt like I knew you.
Thank you :)